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What was a Colorado Metropolitan District (under Title 32) doing owning "Residentially Platted Properties?"
On July 11, 2008 Tracts 13, 14, 35 and 41 were sold to Journey Homes CS LLC (Grantee) by Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District (Grantor). Tracts 13, 14, 35, and 41 encompassed what is known today as The Metropolitan Club Subdivision (formerly Filing 11B and renamed in 2006). Included in this sale were approximately 150 platted homesites formely owned jointly by Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District and Falcon Properties LLP in 2005.(El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Reception No. #208079644 dtd July 14, 2008 pg. 1)

On the same date, July 11, 2008, Lots 2033 thru 2052 of Filing 11 were sold by Falcon Properties LLP to Journey Homes CS LLC.

1) If Falcon Properties LLP and Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District jointly owned filing 11-B in 2005 and 2006, why isn't Falcon Properties LLP listed as a Seller (Grantor) on the Warranty Deed for Lots 2033 thru 2052 on July 11, 2008? (El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Reception No. #208079644 dtd July 14, 2008, pg. 1)
2) If  Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District and Falcon Properties LLP jointly owned Filing 11-B (The Metropolitan Club Subdivision) in 2005/2006, how was the portion of ownership owned by Falcon Properties LLP conveyed to Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District during the period of 2005/2006 to 2008?
3) Who paid for the capital infrastructure for the 150 platted home sites in 2005?
4) If Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District owned any portion of Filing 11-B (The Metropolitan Club), recognizing that the Metropolitan District is structured as a FEE BASED or REVENUE FUNDS Bonding structure, where were the funds derived to pay for the capital infrastructure?

EDITORS NOTE: If under Colorado Revised Statutes Special and Metropolitan Districts may only own Residential Property for the purposes of acquiring Water and Water Rights, given there aren't any wells located under Filing 11B (the Metropolitan Subdivision and The Metropolitan Club) what was the Metropolitan District doing owning said residentially plated properties? How did the Metropolitan District obtain the rights to this property and under what legal authority did they have a right to obtain this property? What funds were used to acquire these platted properties?

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