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20-Year Installment Agreement: Park and Recreation
"WHEREAS, the Partnership and The Bank of Cherry Creek, N.A., as trustee (the "Trustee"), have entered into that certain Trust Agreement dated as of September 15, 1997 (the "Trust Agreement") pursuant to which there have been executed and delivered $900,000 principal amount of Certificates of Participation (the "Certificates") evidencing direct, undivided fractional interests in the installment payments to be made by the District, acting by and through the Enterprise, to the Partnership pursuant to the Installment Purchase Agreement...."

Section 1. Amendment of Section 602 of the Installment Purchase Agreement.
Section 602 of the Installment Purchase Agreement shall be amended by the addition of the following subsection (e):

"(e) The parties hereto acknowledge and agree that the Property which is subject of this Installment Purchase Agreement is intended to be developed for use by the District and to meet the developmental needs within the District...."(El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Reception No. #098038496 dtd March 27, 1998 pgs. 1-3)
Amortization Schedule
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